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In my culinary pursuits I’ve visited microbreweries of every shape and size. A quick count and I realize I’ve visited hundreds of them. From a couple guys making beer in a warehouse, to massive brew-pubs and bars. From Dunedin, FL to the mountains of Virginia and out to Santa Barbara, CA. In every corner of Ontario and over in Europe and Israel… I sample a lot of small batch beer. I don’t love every one. They are all so varied. But I love the experience. There is something magical about trying beer brewed by someone who has followed their passion.  Every micro-brewery has a proud back story and a unique angle to bring to the beer scene. I’ve peered into massive vats, sampled wort, discussed the benefits of brewing small batch ale VS lager, and sampled a lot (a LOT) of beer. All of this is really to say – I know an awful lot about beer brewing and I know how difficult it can be. But oh how I’ve always yearned to give it a try.


Now, while I’m quite capable in my kitchen at home and in front of a grill I’ve always considered beer brewing something a little too far out of reach. It’s an intricate and delicate process that can be thrown askew by so many variables. I’d much rather enjoy a cold pint than curse a ruined batch of the stuff!

Recently though I decided to give it a go and reached out to the folks at Brewer’s Best for a little help. Brewer’s Best makes brewing kits and ingredient kits to make home brewing as simple as possible for beer fans – and best of all they are now available in Canada! The Brewer’s Best equipment kit arrived with everything I needed to get going:

  • primary fermenter
  • bottling bucket with spigot
  • easy-clean cleanser
  • siphon hose
  • bottle filler
  • hydrometer
  • thermometer
  • bottle brush
  • capper
  • airlock
  • bucket clip


I know, it looks intimidating – and to be honest, beer brewing is not a simple process. You’re going to be steeping grains, boiling hops, cooling wort, pitching yeast, fermenting beer, and bottle conditioning. The great thing about Brewer’s Best is that they take you through every step of the process and make sure they simplify it so that anyone can do it. The equipment is all supplied, the instructions are all clear, and the ingredients are all prepared and measured. You just need to follow along!


The ingredient kits come in dozens and dozens of varieties. So you’ll be able to brew whatever beer is your favourite. I decided to go with an Irish Stout and had a great time brewing up a five gallon batch and getting the whole family involved in the process. I’ve got a week left until I crack open my first bottle and I’m already talking it up with the guys. I’ve got lots of thirsty friends volunteering to help me sample the first batch. Here’s hoping it lives up to my expectations!


Whether the beer is good or great it’s been an awesome experience. I’m really digging the whole home brew experience and embracing the role..



In conjunction with Brewer’s Best,  I’d like to set one of you up with your own ingredients kit. Just comment below and let me know which type of beer is your favourite. Contest closes July 1.

Winner randomly selected via random.org: congrats Steve Woolf!



7 Responses to “Home Brew”

  1. I personally like an IPA, but the huz is into even hoppier beers – so much so that he is growing his own hops.

  2. Hoegaarden is my favourite beer – love it.

  3. It’s a wheat beer by the way –

  4. I tend to like darker beers. I became obsessed with German schwarzbiers when I visited Germany. Also love a nice spiced winter brew and various kinds of porter. But you said to name “a” favourite so I’ll go with barley wine.

  5. Gonna stick with the tried and true – Kolsch (lagered ale).

  6. One of my favorite is the Euorpean Bock ,a rich malty Beer with just enough hops to balance the sweetest.
    In the summer I like the Brewers Best Kolsch.

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