Lambentaschen: A Purim Recipe Redux

The Jewish festival of Purim is all about celebrating and having fun. Kids dress up in costumes, families deliver food baskets to one another filled with treats and most communities have carnivals for the children. One of the classic treats is a triangular cookie called a hamantaschen. In a conversation with my cousin Shimon the […]

Authentic Italian Spaghetti & Meatballs

                                                 Any dish which makes an appearance in two of the greatest movies of all time ought to be taken seriously. While I settled on a different recipe than those featured in Goodfellas and The Godfather – I hope the boys would approve. If you usually make meatballs using a jar of prepared sauce, you […]

Greek Kebab Wraps

                                                             Another week, another challenge… My friend Jeff, the butcher/fellow food enthusiast got in a new line of spice mix grinders at his store. However, the So!Go company website is really lacking in terms of any recipes or direction on what to do with their product. I grabbed a bottle of the Greek spice mix to […]