Shanghai Noodles

This recipe for Shanghai Noodles is a real family favourite. It’s super tasty, and healthy as well. The hoisin and soy sauces give a great rich flavour to the dish, and the noodles pick up a wonderful taste being seared in the wok. This dish has been on our weekly family dinner rotation since I […]

Vegetarian Spaghetti alla Carbonara

I love pasta with cheese sauces. Baked Ziti, Alfredo, Carbonara, Mac n Cheese… This factoid kind of sucks for my coworker Mia, who always wants me to make her lunch, but doesn’t really like cheese. Sorry Mia.. This vegetarian version of Spaghetti alla Carbonara was so easy and super tasty. The bold Paremsan pairs perfectly […]

Potato Gnocchi with Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ragu

This dish was a bit of a labour of love, clocking in at exactly 2 hours from ‘couch to plate’. It was worth every minute. Gnocchi is a delight any time, even with a simple sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. However, the ragu stole the show. The sauce was absolutely delicious, and came together beautifully. With […]