The @Kristabella Breakfast Sandwich

An ongoing series: I’m paying homage to some of my favourite bloggers by creating a custom sandwich in each of their honour. First up was The @Avitable Dog. Followed by The @Motherbumper Po’ Boy. This weekend we take a jaunt to Chicago for the best of the Midwest. Kristin, or Kristabella, as her webpsite professes […]

Aunt Mary’s Banana Bread

                                   There’s a real art to finding good recipes. Some people have the ability to analyze a recipe the moment they see it on paper, and know almost immediately if it’s a keeper, without ever tasting or seeing the finished product. I don’t know that anyone does this better than my lovely wife – and the […]

Italian Egg Sandwich

                                                             While I may be a total pain to work with in all other regards, at least my coworkers get some perks. This sandwich is fairly healthy and the combination of marinara, olive oil, garlic, and Parmesan is a Mediterranean delight! Lunch, anyone? ************************************ Italian Egg Sandwich Serves: 1 Ingredients: 3 teaspoons olive oil […]