Grilled Skirt Steak

This is one of my favourite recipes for a number of reasons. Marinated in a perfect blend of flavours it will soon become one of your favourites as well. If you’ve never tried skirt steak, it’s a nice alternative to some of the more popular cuts. It has a flavour and texture unlike any other […]

The @Phenom1984 Lafayette Coney Island Burger

When I heard our friend Mike (@phenom1984) and his boys were coming for a visit this summer I knew it was time to roll out another “twitter-handle sandwich.” I’ve already whipped together a bunch of these as you may know… Mike comes from Detroit, MI and and they are hardcore sports fans. Now if you are not […]

Ontario Craft Beer Smoked Beef Ribs

I recently went for an Ontario Craft Brewers Association (OCBA) Tour. Aside from tasting some absolutely marvelous beers, we also learned a lot about what goes into making some of Ontario’s smaller beer batches. The OCBA strictly adhere to ‘craft brewing’ quality guidelines, ensuring no additives or preservatives are added to their beer. We had a fascinating […]