The Sushi Tails: Ingredients

The beauty of sushi is in the simplicity of its ingredients. A perfect harmony of subtle perfection. The essence of flavours is inevitably a reflection of the quality and freshness of the components used. While you may be able to hide ingredients that are not top notch in many cooked foods by blanketing them under […]

The Sushi Tails: An Introduction

  My kids LOVE sushi. Not in the way everybody loves puppies, or sunny days, or the way you may love a colour for your family room. I mean LOVE. As in the way sports fanatics LOVE their team. My kids can single-handedly put an all-you-can-eat sushi joint out of business by pounding back order […]

The Secret to Great Grilling: Giving Your Grill a Little TLC

With the cold of winter finally (hopefully?) behind us, people are getting busy gearing up for warm weather. Many are outside cleaning up the yard, taking out the patio furniture and swapping out their winter tires. The important question many forget to ask: is their grill ready for spring? I’ve always made grill maintenance a […]

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