Aunt Mary’s Banana Bread

                                   There’s a real art to finding good recipes. Some people have the ability to analyze a recipe the moment they see it on paper, and know almost immediately if it’s a keeper, without ever tasting or seeing the finished product. I don’t know that anyone does this better than my lovely wife – and the […]

Naked Oatmeal Cookies

                                                  There is no better cookie than the oatmeal cookie. I’m not sure why, at some point in history, the oatmeal cookie was relegated to the raisin division and was banned from being served straight up or with chocolate chips. In my books though, this is the greatest cookie by a long shot. Just sweet enough, […]

Guinness Cake

I would love to take credit for this cake. Coming up with it, or even finding it. Alas, my friend Robin gets all the kudos. She called me up as soon as she saw it in her Oprah magazine and said “Gav, I know you don’t like desserts, but we’re baking this. Stat.” Now, it’s […]

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