Grilled Pastrami Burger

                                You can’t really ever go wrong topping grilled meat with more grilled meat… This is one of my favourite toppings whenever I make burgers in the summer. The great smoky flavour of the grilled pastrami adds just the right level of zing to an otherwise regular hamburger.  If you ask at the deli counter they will […]

Grilled Red Curry Chicken

                                   This recipe perfectly blends together two of my absolutely favourite cuisines: BBQ and Thai. If you’ve never had Thai Curry before, it is not the same as it’s yellow Indian cousin. Thai curries come in red and green paste form and are essentially just peppers mixed with lemongrass. However, blended with coconut milk it forms a sweet, savoury, delectable […]

Chirashizushi (aka Sushi for Dummies)

                     I love sushi like it’s nobody’s business. A few simple ingredients combine to make one of the tastiest foods on earth. If you are a sushi fan, you already know about ‘the need’. The first time a friend convinced you to try sushi, you squirmed and then finally tasted a vegetable roll and were all […]

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