The Four Foot Triplets

                                                                                       While I was in Las Vegas this past week, this isn’t that kind of story… I have a whole bunch of really great friends who I owed a killer BBQ to. I flipped and flopped between a few ideas and then got to thinking about making big, giant grilled subs. I called up my friends […]

The FLT Sandwich – The “F” stands for Fakin’

                                                  This take on the classic BLT is great for a couple of reasons: 1) it uses healthy for you vegetarian bacon and 2) the rosemary brings a new element to the sandwich that is just awesome enough to make your taste buds sing, but not too much of an adulteration on this simple classic you know […]

Pan-Roasted Lamb Chops with Red Wine-Black Currant Sauce and Wine-Simmered Vegetables

                                                            One of the chefs who really inspired me early on was Bobby Flay – back in the day when his show was just Bobby and an outdoor grill. He’s still fun to watch – but I definitely liked him best when it was just Bobby, fire, and meat. He has put out some really great cookbooks over the years, […]

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