Mushroom Soup en Croûte

En croûte is a French term referring to food that is wrapped or covered with pastry and then baked. Although she didn’t know it had such a fancy name, a friend requested I hunt down a recipe for “mushroom soup with a pastry bubble on top that you break through to eat”. The recipe below […]

Mexican Meatball Soup

Don’t let the jalapenos frighten you off from this recipe. Removing the membranes and seeds renders it rather tame from a heat perspective. The peppers are a great addition to the other ingredients in this recipe. I like it because it’s a bit off the beaten path as compared to other crock pot recipes. Si?  ************************************ Mexican Meatball Soup Serves: […]

Chicken & Dumplings

Nothing beats back the winter blahs like dinner from the crock pot. There’s something to be said for throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot in the morning and returning that evening to find a delicious, comforting classic. Chicken and dumplings is a Southern dish that often contains butter and milk in the broth and batter. […]

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