Shanghai Noodles

This recipe for Shanghai Noodles is a real family favourite. It’s super tasty, and healthy as well. The hoisin and soy sauces give a great rich flavour to the dish, and the noodles pick up a wonderful taste being seared in the wok. This dish has been on our weekly family dinner rotation since I […]

Crispy Orange Beef

                                                                 Who doesn’t love deep fried Chinese food smothered in a sweet, succulent sauce? That being said, the fast food/take out versions leave you wondering what it is that gives your dinner that floresent hue, and how much sugar was used in that sweet, sticky sauce that is gobbed onto your dish. This recipe for Crispy Orange […]

Everything you wanted to know about stir-fry beef but were afraid to ask

I get lots of food related questions from friends, family and the mildly acquainted. “I’m having a party, what should I make?” “I’m out of X, can I use Y?” “If I buy it, will you cook it?” As I’m going to be posting a Chinese recipe this weekend for Crispy Orange Beef, I thought […]

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