The Four Foot Triplets

                                                                                       While I was in Las Vegas this past week, this isn’t that kind of story… I have a whole bunch of really great friends who I owed a killer BBQ to. I flipped and flopped between a few ideas and then got to thinking about making big, giant grilled subs. I called up my friends […]

Cynthia’s Stuffed Peppers

                                 If asked to name a favourite cuisine, I’d be hard pressed not to put Italian at the top of my list. That being said, a lot of the dishes are so patchke* I’m often more inclined to buy it than cook it myself – and this from someone who clearly loves to cook… Just the thought […]

Country Apple Sausage with Onions and Mustard Sauce

                                               If you love food as much as I do you are constantly on the lookout for new ideas or inspirations. For me, this means a lot of time shmoozing with people who know their stuff. The vegetable lady at the St Lawrence Market who lets you know when produce is delivered; the sandwich guy […]

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