The @Motherbumper Po’ Boy

An ongoing series: I’m paying homage to some of my favourite bloggers by creating a custom sandwich in each of their honour. First up was The @Avitable Dog. Today we follow it up with a great sandwich for another great writer. I’ve met some really awesome bloggers over the years – many of them via […]

Grilled Honey Garlic Wings

I love honey garlic wings. Roasted in the oven they come out so ooey-gooey delicious. Roasting the wings in the sweet garlicky sauce proves to be a truly great combination. One of the problems with translating this recipe to the grill is that you don’t want the garlic and honey to burn before your wings […]

General Tso’s Chicken

This is our go to Chinese dish when ordering take-out. So making it at home without the gobs of sugar they pour in to the restaurant version was really satisfying, and delicious! Such an amazing sauce. It would be tasty on schnitzel if you’re looking to simplify this another degree. Ironically, almost nobody in Hunan has ever […]

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