Steak and Pear Sandwich

                                                  I have to keep you on your toes, people. You know, just make sure you’re paying attention over here. Anyway, pears are used in some of the best salads, and I had this idea and figured – go for it! The crisp pear adds a nice dimension to the sandwich. It pairs (no pun […]

Corned Beef Hash on Rye

                                                                                                     I think I may rename ‘leftovers’ to ‘bestovers’. Here I re-purpose some corned beef to make a wicked breakfast…   ****************************************** Corned Beef Hash on Rye Ingredients: Leftover corned beef, diced Rye bread, toasted 1 egg Cooking spray Salt & pepper, to taste Preparation: Heat a medium sized frying pan on Medium heat. Spray with […]

The Taco Dog

                                                                                    So, maybe I did have hot dogs for two consecutive meals… no judging! ****************************************** The Taco Dog Ingredients: Nacho chips Leftover taco beef Shredded lettuce Diced tomatoes Taco sauce Hot dog Hot dog bun Preparation: Place the hot dog in the bun and wrap with paper towel. Place in the microwave for 45 seconds. […]

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