South Beach Grill Pan Steak and Balsamic Vegetables

                                        When my SIL told me she was coming for a visit, wanted a home cooked meal, and was on the South Beach Diet, I reached way into the back of my recipe repertoire and pulled out an oldie but goodie. If you have a good quality grill pan, this recipe works great as an […]

Vegetarian Turkey Cuban

                                                                Sandwiches and me – we get along. There may be a finite number of ingredients in the fridge at any given time, but there’s almost an infinte number of combinations one can come up with using those tasty tidbits. Hence, lunch time never seems to be a PBJ around these parts. There is always […]

The FLT Sandwich – The “F” stands for Fakin’

                                                  This take on the classic BLT is great for a couple of reasons: 1) it uses healthy for you vegetarian bacon and 2) the rosemary brings a new element to the sandwich that is just awesome enough to make your taste buds sing, but not too much of an adulteration on this simple classic you know […]

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