The @Kristabella Breakfast Sandwich

An ongoing series: I’m paying homage to some of my favourite bloggers by creating a custom sandwich in each of their honour. First up was The @Avitable Dog. Followed by The @Motherbumper Po’ Boy. This weekend we take a jaunt to Chicago for the best of the Midwest. Kristin, or Kristabella, as her webpsite professes […]

Italian Hoagie

Italian Hoagies I’ve started hanging a salami every couple of weeks in my cold cellar (or as my Italian buddy Rick tells me, if you’re hanging meat in there it’s now called a cantina). After about 8 weeks of drying you’re left with the most delicious hard, dried salami. Sliced paper thin it is indescribably delicious. So […]

Grilled Pastrami Burger

                                You can’t really ever go wrong topping grilled meat with more grilled meat… This is one of my favourite toppings whenever I make burgers in the summer. The great smoky flavour of the grilled pastrami adds just the right level of zing to an otherwise regular hamburger.  If you ask at the deli counter they will […]

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