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Some of my favourite memories of grilling for my friends has been on the road. As a teenager at camp, sneaking into the woods to bbq in the middle of the night over an open fire. Grilling on camping trips with a portable grill in northern Ontario. And by far my favourite – grilling for the guys on the various sports trips I’ve taken to baseball and football stadiums across North America. Popping up a portable grill in a parking lot, cracking open a beer and throwing around a football at ten in the morning may not seem like your idea of nirvana from the outset. But throw in 50,000 hard core sports fans, a handful of your good friends and it really is one of the greatest experiences there is.

I remember one time in Buffalo it started raining so hard that we decided to grill in the trunk of my friend’s mom’s station wagon. A great solution at the time… but his mom’s car smelled of smoke for the next three years…

Or the time it was so freezing at an NFL game and my friend Daniel decided to warm his gloves on my grill. This normally would have been fine, except I was just in the process of burning off the build up on the grill over high heat and his gloves melted. I still have his handprints on the outside of my grill!

Or the time we popped up shop at an NFL game and decided to grill every single meat we could find at the butcher’s that day. We could barely roll ourselves to the game following the dozen or so courses of grilled delectables.

By far my favourite event every year has become the annual Detroit Lions Thanksgiving game. The weather is always spotty, the football is somewhat entertaining, but the parking lot tailgate celebrations are bar none! The fans dress in team gear from head to toe and the parking lot is a sea of blue, silver and black.

Fortunately Weber has now come out with a line of portable grills in an array of colours that allow me to join the crowd and show my support with my grill colour. The Weber Q 1200 grill comes in numerous colours and provides 189″ of grill space. More than enough to fill space to grill up a feast for a hungry pack of travelling tailgaters. So this year that grill with the melted gloves on it can find its way to the back of the garage. I can’t wait to show off my blue and black portable Weber and make some new grilling memories!


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