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Summer Grilling with McEwan Foods

Some of my favourite memories from my childhood revolve around big backyard family BBQs. The smell of smoke from the grill was always thick in the air, signalling something delicious was on its way. The kids would be tossing a ball around, playing tag, or running through the sprinkler. Our parents would sit around the table chatting into the night while we delighted in long days, warm weather, and good friends.

Now that I have my own family I can’t resist the lure of a full house and an even fuller grill. We seem to have friends scheduled in over the summer more often than not. Kids on the trampoline, moms and dads kicking back, me at the grill. It really is what I look forward to more than anything else every summer.

Of course, that also means high expectations for me to churn out some top-notch grilled meals. As a foodie, I generally steer clear of the mass-produced, store-bought sauces, rubs and marinades which can be found on grocery store aisles in favour of my own home-made. However, if I’m grilling for a large group that can mean a LOT of prep work. Luckily, I was recently introduced to McEwan Foods‘ BBQ Foodie BasketĀ (McEwan Foods, 38 Karl Fraser Road Toronto, ON M3C 0H7 | T: 416.444.6262). They offer custom created baskets full of specialty BBQ items for the foodie in your life. I’ve started ordering them as hostess gifts when heading to friends’ houses over the summer.

The sauces, rubs ,and marinades are all top quality and most are made in-house ensuring freshness and natural ingredients without preservatives. Pricing depends on what is ordered in the basket so you can really decide how much you’d like to spend and then build a basket accordingly.

I took the ingredients of my custom basket and cooked up a surf ‘n turf dinner for my family and friends.

Pulling together a top-notch dinner like that would have been impossible without making use of some pre-made marinades and sauces. The BBQ Foodie basket made it really easy to ensure I got the things I needed and that they were the finest, most delectable ingredients possible. Using a BBQ Foodie basket meant I had more time to kick back, relax and enjoy the company!