Canadian East Eats : A Culinary Family Road Trip Through Eastern Canada

Planning a culinary tourism trip with children was a great opportunity for me to merge two of my passions: my kids, and my love of food. We live in a country that is so plentiful from coast to coast. Being a chef, and Toronto foodie I wanted to explore beyond my comfort zones of Toronto and Niagara, and find out what else Eastern Canada has to offer. What better way than to share that trip with my children?

While there is a great focus these days on culinary tourism, much of it revolves around adult oriented stops such as wineries, breweries and high end eateries. Not ideal when travelling with kids. Thus, I wanted to ensure that every one of our stops is appropriate for families, and is accessible to the public if you want to follow our trail. I also wantd to make sure we weren’t simply going from farmers market to farmers market. And alas our adventure was born…

Here is the journey we took over the course of three weeks. I’ll be documenting it in the next few psots or so. If you open up the map itself, it will give you a blow-by-blow account of our stops and itinerary along the way.

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  1. Prince Edward County, ON
  2. Montreal, QC
  3. Quebec City, QC
  4. New Brunswick
  5. Nova Scotia
  6. Prince Edward Island
  7. The Long & Winding Road – Moncton to Montreal…
  8. Ottawa
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