Italian Hoagie

Italian Hoagie

Italian Hoagies

I’ve started hanging a salami every couple of weeks in my cold cellar (or as my Italian buddy Rick tells me, if you’re hanging meat in there it’s now called a cantina). After about 8 weeks of drying you’re left with the most delicious hard, dried salami. Sliced paper thin it is indescribably delicious.

So just about every 2 weeks I have a salami that’s ready for carving up. After a quick stop at the grocery store this week I used the latest batch to throw together an Italian Hoagie that Rick would be proud of.


Italian Rolls
Deli Mustard
Shredded lettuce
Dried salami, sliced paper-thin
Various antipasto (I used sundried tomato, artichoke hearts, and roasted red pepper)

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