Photo Essay: The St. Lawrence Market

Photo Essay: The St. Lawrence Market

I’ve mentioned before, I am fortunate enough to work near one of Toronto’s true treasures, the St. Lawrence Market. For over 200 years it’s been known for variety and freshness of its fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, grains, baked goods and dairy products. It also happens to be one of my favourite places to wander about in search of hard to find ingredients, fresh produce and a wealth of recipe  inspirations.

Having multiple vendors in one location ensures competitive pricing and only the freshest produce.

While you may not live in Toronto, I encourage you to go check out your own city’s market. The first trip may be overwhelming, but you’ll soon learn the real secret of a farmer’s market is not only the fresh food, but also the wealth of people willing to talk to you about every aspect of the food you eat.

The creative food ideas just flow.

DSC_0010 copy


The Butchers

DSC_0029a copy

DSC_0033 copy

DSC_0035a copy

DSC_0059 copy

DSC_0060 copy


The Bakers

DSC_0053 copy

DSC_0055 copy

DSC_0056 copy

DSC_0063 copy

DSC_0064 copy


The Fishmongers

DSC_0041 copy

DSC_0042 copy

DSC_0045 copy

DSC_0051 copy

DSC_0048 copy


The Dairy Producers

DSC_0030 copy

DSC_0061 copy


The Produce

DSC_0058 copy

DSC_0078 copy

I always head straight to Ponesse Foods where the quality of the fruits and vegetables are only surpassed by the friendly people who work there.

DSC_0020a copy

DSC_0021 copy

DSC_0011 copy

DSC_0015a copy


The Food

My good friend Boris from European Delight serving up some of his famous perogies:


DSC_0066 copy

DSC_0068 copy


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