Photo Essay: The Honda Indy Toronto

Photo Essay: The Honda Indy Toronto

I read an article earlier this summer that the Honda Indy got slammed last year for having little more to offer in food than the occasional hot dogs cart. This year, they had pledged to flesh out their offerings and have tastier tidbits available to spectators.

Naturally, I grabbed my camera and went to check it out…

First off, there is something to be said for the wonderful waft of grilling dogs as you walk amongst a crowd. Never fear, the franks and their various accompaniments were still aplenty.


However, now there were some additional items available as you meandered your way around the race grounds:

And plenty of treats…

There were beer patios at almost every corner of the race, each serving up it’s own delectable delights:

And one of Toronto’s finest establishments had its portable poutine truck on site:


The Indy Special:

Of course Budweiser was there:

They even sold beer:

And, while only available to a select few, there was the obligatory champagne:

All in all, if the goal of the food committee was to step up their game this year in the culinary department, they certainly succeeded!

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