The @Phenom1984 Lafayette Coney Island Burger

When I heard our friend Mike (@phenom1984) and his boys were coming for a visit this summer I knew it was time to roll out another “twitter-handle sandwich.” I’ve already whipped together a bunch of these as you may know… Mike comes from Detroit, MI and and they are hardcore sports fans. Now if you are not […]

Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches

Delicious does not have to be complicated. I was recently asked to do a grilling demo for some of the hockey players at York University’s Canlan Ice Sports. In preparing to feed the masses, the more I could prepare ahead of time, the better. So a lot of thought went into food that was easy […]

Summer Grilling with McEwan Foods

Some of my favourite memories from my childhood revolve around big backyard family BBQs. The smell of smoke from the grill was always thick in the air, signalling something delicious was on its way. The kids would be tossing a ball around, playing tag, or running through the sprinkler. Our parents would sit around the […]

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