Roasted Salmon with Creamy Curried Spinach

My wife’s step mom makes this salmon when we visit over winter break each year. It’s become one of those dishes I look forward to each year. The creamy spinach is so rich and flavourful; combined with the salmon that is roasted perfectly with a hint of lemon and butter, it’s really an awesome dish. […]

Southern Pecan Pie

There is something magical about a pecan pie. It seems to be the perfectly balanced dessert. Gooey & crunchy; sweet & salty; simple & complex – it is one of those dishes I can’t ever turn down. This super easy recipe uses pre-made pie crust and will have them clamouring for more. Give it a […]

Tangerine Beef with Scallions

Everything about this recipe was deliciously good. The sauce was very similar to one you’d find on take-out Orange Chicken. However, served on medium-rare beef it was refreshingly light and flavourful. The scallions and red pepper flakes add the necessary punctuations to counterbalance the sweet sauce. I served it alongside rice ┬ábut it would go […]

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