Photo Essay: The Honda Indy Toronto

Photo Essay: The Honda Indy Toronto I read an article earlier this summer that the Honda Indy got slammed last year for having little more to offer in food than the occasional hot dogs cart. This year, they had pledged to flesh out their offerings and have tastier tidbits available to spectators. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and went […]

Dr. Pepper Beef Ribs

                                          One of my lifelong friends, Alisa, sent me a recipe she thought I should try out. It was a no brainer – Dr. Pepper… Beef Ribs… How can you go wrong, really? The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was that the recipe was intended for a smoker, and I know most of you […]

Grill Interrupted Dry Rubs

Around my grill dry rubs are a staple. They add flavour, depth, and intensity to anything you throw on the flame. Very often, I’ll take steak or chicken, season with some of my dry rub and brush with a little olive oil, and that’s it boys and girls. It doesn’t always have to be fancy. […]

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