Beef on Weck

                                          As my travels have taken me through Buffalo some two dozen times this year, I thought it would be appropriate to tip my cap to this grand city by the lake. Buffalo taught me a number of things this year, including the fact that it doesn’t REALLY always snow in Buffalo – in fact, I didn’t […]

Korean Sizzling Beef

                                                        It is so easy these days to try dishes from around the globe. The Internet is full of ideas from anywhere and everywhere. The following recipe is based on a 2000 year old Korean dish called Bulgogi. It was originally called Neobiani and would be prepared for the king on special occasions. It is typically made from thin slices of sirloin […]

Aunt Mary’s Banana Bread

                                   There’s a real art to finding good recipes. Some people have the ability to analyze a recipe the moment they see it on paper, and know almost immediately if it’s a keeper, without ever tasting or seeing the finished product. I don’t know that anyone does this better than my lovely wife – and the […]

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