Beer Braised Turkey Tacos

                                                      A wiser fellow than myself once said, “Sometimes you eat the bar. And sometimes the bar, well, he eats you.” I think better than my ability to cook, is my ability to recognize a good recipe when I see it. In fact, this blog and my book are all about how much I like […]

Vegetarian Turkey Cuban

                                                                Sandwiches and me – we get along. There may be a finite number of ingredients in the fridge at any given time, but there’s almost an infinte number of combinations one can come up with using those tasty tidbits. Hence, lunch time never seems to be a PBJ around these parts. There is always […]

Grilled Shawarma

                                              OK – So, if you’re new on the scene, you may not know what shawarma is. If that’s the case. Stop reading – get to your nearest middle eastern eatery and try one of these bad boys out. Pictured above served on a baguette, it is generally stuffed into pita bread. Shawarma is one […]

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