Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

                                                                         My sister-in-law Rachel and I have an ongoing dialogue about whether corn belongs in cornbread. Being in the South for the year has given me some added inspiration to test this out. Here’s round #1 sans corn. And between you and me, Rachel’s got some catching up to do.   ************************************ Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread Serves: 12 […]

Hot Cocoa chez Vous

Hot cocoa. Its mention alone can warm your soul on a cold winter’s day. It conjures up childhood memories of runny noses, roaring fireplaces and snow filled window sills. But why does it have to be so darned expensive? The storebought price will not be the only thing swaying you from buying it once you […]

Mock Crab Dip

                                       My SMIL (step-mother in-law) asked me to make a crab dip for her annual Christmas party. Being shellfish challenged I had no idea what real crab dip should or would taste like… so I whipped up a batch of this faux version and the critics seem to love it. Feel free to substitute with real jumbo lump […]

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