Thai Red Curry Snapper with Bok Choy and Shitake Mushrooms

It’s still November, and I still have a fish recipe or two up my sleeve. I knew this one would be great as I’m a sucker for Thai cooking. For those of you who assume you don’t like curry because you have tried Indian curry – stop right there! Indian and Thai curry are nothing alike! Curries […]

Olive Oil-Poached Halibut with Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms

 One of the things about cooking (and I suppose eating in general) is that we’re never happy staying complacent. There is always something better tasting we fancy… This means continually trying new recipes and learning new things. I promised myself I’d spend some of November learning to cook fish since it was the one glaring […]

Japanese Tuna Tartare

I’m blessed to work minutes from one of the greatest markets in North America – the St. Lawrence Market. So I’m a little spoiled having fresh ingredients at my doorstep. On one pathway you can stand at the cross-roads of four fantastic fish shops all vying for your attention by asking “what can I get for ya today […]

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