The Tale of the Tailgate

I recently had the opportunity to go on CFRB 1010AM and talk with Ed Prutschi and Barb DiGiulio about tailgating. You can hear me about half way through the recording if you’re so inclined. In preparation for my discussion on-air it gave me a chance to reflect on the 25+ years of tailgating I’ve been […]

Sauce Like a Boss

Football playoffs are in full swing. If you are fortunate to still be in a city with home games you definitely need to up your tailgating game to new levels of playoff-worthiness grilled food. If you don’t have a home game to head to, you’ve still got a hungry crowd to feed at home each […]

Sometimes You CAN Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

I’ve been grilling for about as long as I can remember. Every time I think I have figured out my earliest grilling experience I can remember with tongs and hamburger spatula in-hand, I think of an even earlier one before that. I’ve grilled, I’ve smoked, I’ve rotisseried. I’ve used chunk wood, chips, lump charcoal, gas, […]

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