Home Brew

In my culinary pursuits I’ve visited microbreweries of every shape and size. A quick count and I realize I’ve visited hundreds of them. From a couple guys making beer in a warehouse, to massive brew-pubs and bars. From Dunedin, FL to the mountains of Virginia and out to Santa Barbara, CA. In every corner of Ontario […]

Summer Grilling with McEwan Foods

Some of my favourite memories from my childhood revolve around big backyard family BBQs. The smell of smoke from the grill was always thick in the air, signalling something delicious was on its way. The kids would be tossing a ball around, playing tag, or running through the sprinkler. Our parents would sit around the […]

Open Faced Salmon Burger with Wasabi Mayo from Weber’s New Real Grilling Cookbook

I’m going to share a secret with you all… I have a bit of a cookbook obsession. I happily follow my wife to the book store any time she wants to go searching for a new book and sit myself down in the cookbook section for hours on end. Always on the lookout for new […]

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