Board Dressed Standing Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

I’ve been toying around recently with a method known as board dressing. The concept is simple – you treat your cutting board with olive oil, freshly ground salt and pepper, and fresh herbs, then cut your beef on it. It’s a great way to boost flavour and solves one of the real challenges of cooking […]

Chirashizushi (aka Sushi for Dummies)

                     I love sushi like it’s nobody’s business. A few simple ingredients combine to make one of the tastiest foods on earth. If you are a sushi fan, you already know about ‘the need’. The first time a friend convinced you to try sushi, you squirmed and then finally tasted a vegetable roll and were all […]

Grilled Pizza with Ricotta Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, Basil & Roasted Garlic

                                             If you’ve never put pizza dough on the grill – it’s a must-do. After brushing the dough with olive oil you can place it directly on your cooking grates. After a few minutes on each side you end up with some of the best eats you’ve ever pulled off the ‘Q. Similar to wood oven […]

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