Best Toronto Restaturants for Canadian Beef Steak

Toronto has dozens of steak restaurants but which restaurants are serving genuine Canadian beef steaks? As I began to research I was shocked to discover how many of Toronto’s steak restaurants only serve U.S. beef. That just would not do… and so I did all of the leg for you and give you my list […]

My Canadian Beef Burger Personality

The fine folks over at Canadian Beef have a great contest going on and have challenged us to define: What’s your burger personality? They’re having a tweet up on August 7th and are also giving away $500 for joining in and letting them know just how much you #LoveCDNBeef. Find out your burger personality here on Facebook. As for […]

Flip Ya. Flip Ya for Real.

One of my favourite movie lines has me inspired to do a giveaway this month. All you need to do is head on over to my Chef Dad blog at Urban Moms, find a recipe you like. Then flip it. Flip it for real. Put a creative twist on the dish and make it your […]

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